Nano & Specialty Compounds


Cresin, a materials company leading a flourishing life

Business Ideology

Foundation Competency

  • Positive

    Not only the ability to recognize the need for change, and improve the thought or work processes, but also the ability to lead change and innovation of one-self, colleagues and the organization through attempting different approaches that go beyond any preconceived notions or experiences.
  • Self-

    The ability to work actively at all times to enhance one’s competency or professionalism through various experiences. Always actively seeking for various opportunities to develop one-self and listening to and accepting the evaluation of people about one’s capabilities.
  • Professional

    Having an expert insight and knowhow about the task one is carrying out in terms of knowledge, process and technology. A professional in the field who makes effort to maintain the dignity and level and who has the ability to pass on knowledge in the field to another person.
  • Cooperation

    Working together with others to achieve the multi-community organizational goal. Putting priority on the organizational goal rather than one’s interests while understanding the team/division’s mutual responsibility of the final outcome and working together.

Management Competency