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A leader of Nano & Color convergence technology
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This is the footsteps of Cresin

  • 2010's

    2019. 09
    Moved head office (Seonnam-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do)
    2015. 10
    Awarded Excellent Star Company (Daegu)
    2014. 09
    Awarded President Award at SME convergence conference
    2012. 07
    Selected as Star Company by Daegu Metropolitan City
    2012. 04
    Moved head office (Seongseo Industrial Complex, Dalseo-gu, Daegu)
    2011. 03
    Attracted 1.6 billion KRW in investments (KB investment etc)
    2010. 08
    Selected support business by WPM (World Premier Material) (Ministry of Knowledge Economy-Developed energy saving high heat dissipating nano composite material)
    2010. 06
    Selected cooperative technology development project for textile industry streams (Ministry of Knowledge Economy- Developed next-generation multi-functional vehicle interior material)
    2010. 05
    Selected support project for industry-academy cooperation Korea Industrial Technology Association- Developed ultrafine particle mixing technology for LCD light diffusion sheets
    2010. 03
    Selected project for promoting and utilizing nano convergence commercialization platforms (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    2010. 02
    Patent application for super high conductive metal/polymer composites and its manufacturing method (No. 10-2010-0017978)
  • 2000's

    2009. 08
    Selected research and development project linking technology and infrastructure Daegu Technopark- Developed hybrid material for ESD and an HDD Damper using this
    2008. 10
    Certified as INNO BIZ (Small and Medium Business Administration No. 8031-2644)
    2007. 05
    Appointed regional industry technology development Ministry of Knowledge Economy- Developed Conductive Carbon Black and conductive fiber manufacturing technology applying the composite
    2006. 06
    Signed agreement for new industry-academy cooperation (Kyungpook University Hub University for Industrial Collaboration)
    Established company affiliated research laboratory (Korea Industrial Technology Association No. 20063074)
    2006. 05
    Certified as Parts & Materials Business (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy No. 3023)
    2006. 03
    Appointed as Venture (Small and Medium Business Administration No. 061322041-1-0105)
    2006. 01
    Acquired ISO 9001 (Recipe, development, production and other services of Engineering Plastic Compound)
    2005. 09
    Incorporated Cresin