Nano & Specialty Compounds


Functional and specialty masterbatches

CREMASTER is a trade name for a various type of functional additives/fillers and specialty masterbatches.

CREMASTER product classification

Organic additive masterbatches

Specialty masterbatches

Inorganic/hybrid fillers masterbatches

Frame retardant masterbatches

M/B Type Carrier Polymer Composition Function Application
UV stabilizer PET, PC UV stabilizer 10% UV stability PET film, PC sheet
Light diffusion PC, PS, PMMA Light diffuser 10 - 15% Light diffusion Lighting Sheet, LED housing
Anti-blocking PA, PET SiO2 5-10% Anti-blocking Various film
Bio-Ceramic PA, PET Bio-Ceramic 10% Emit far infra-red radiation Far infra-red radiation fiber
Flame retardant PP, PA, PBT Flame retardant 50~100% Flame retardant Flame retardant compounds
Antistatic PA, PET Antistatic agent 10% Antistatic Antistatic film
Heat stabilizer PA, PET Stabilizers 5 - 50% Heat stability Hydrolysis resistance Heat stabilizer for compounds Industrial yarn
Fluorescent Whitening PET, PC, PA Optical brightener 5% Whitening Snow white fiber/film
Phosphorescent pigments PA, PP, PC Phosphorescent pigments 10 - 50% Phosphorescent, high brightness Phosphorescent fiber/plastics
Conductive PA, PP, PC Conductive carbon, Graphite, MWNT, Metal High conductivity Conductive fiber, Sheet, Film
Antimicrobial PP, PA, PBT, PET Nano-Silver, Zeolite Anti-biotic, Antimicrobial Antimicrobial fiber/film
Thermally conductive PA, PBT Electrically conductive or insulative High thermal conductivity LED, ECU housing